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Five broken cameras

  State of Palestine/Israel/France 2011, R: Guy Davidi, Emad Burnat, 90 Min; OmeU


A co-production of Alegria productions, Burnat Films Palestine, Guy DVD Films
Produced: Christine Camdessus, Serge Gordey, Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi
Camera: Emad Burnat | Editor: Veronique Lagoarde-Segot | Music: Le Trio Joubran a film by emad burnat and guy davidi

When his fourth son, Gibreel, is born in 2005, self-taught cameraman Emad Burnat, a Palestinian villager, gets his first camera.

At the same time in his village of Bil’in, a separation barrier is being built by Israel on the villagers’ cultivated lands and they begin to resist this decision.

They are joined by Israeli and international peace activists. In the following years, Burnat films this peaceful movement, which is lead by two of his best friends, Adeeb and Phil, while filming the growth of his son at the same time.

Very soon, these events begin to affect his family and his own life.

Night raids by the army and daily arrests in the village scare his family. His friends, brothers and even he are either shot or arrested. One camera after the other, is either shot or smashed. Each camera unfolds a part of history and his story.

Eventually, Burnat joins forces with Israeli filmmaker, Guy Davidi and together they create a powerful piece of work.

“An engrossing, out-of-the-ordinary film” (The Hollywood Reporter)
“Undeniably powerful” (Variety)
Graphic Design: studio Lee&Tamar