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Fr, 23. Februar 2018  19:30


James, Hugo and Me Berlinpremiere

  James, Hugo and Me, USA 2017, R: Michael Jacobsohn mit James Garland, Hugo Muñoz, Michael Jacobsohn, OV, 76 Min

anschließend Q&A mit dem Regisseur


“There is a big difference between just making a living and being happy making a living” says Hugo in this film about comradeship, shared hopes, and the passion to create—no matter what the cost.

Filmmaker Jacobsohn (the ‘me’ in the title) has chronicled a year and-a-half in the lives of these two homeless New York City artists. James Garland, an itinerant painter, is fundamentalist Christian Oklahoman, who has befriended Hugo Muñoz, a Mexican guitarist, painter, and printmaker.

This story follows the two artists, with their paints and easels, onto the streets of New York City. It’s a place where one’s joy and ache can be liked to a flower pushing its way up through the crack in a NYC sidewalk. The dissimilar lifestyles of these three men in no way define them. It is their common commitment to creativity that fulfills, resonates and endures.
Find out more: http://jameshugoandme.com