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  Oval Room at Babylon
  Sa, 23. September 2017 17:00   Skinning | McFly McFly - one event - two performances    TICKETS-ONLINE

Skinning | McFly McFly - one event - two performances


Sa, 23.9.2017  17:00

  The Oval Room at the Babylon hosts two perfomances by Artist Gabriel S. Moses and Moran Sanderovich, followed by a discussion.

Tickets: 10 Euros 


McFly McFly | Time travel within social media's metafiction
by Gabriel S Moses

Presented in Berlin for the first time, McFly is a mind boggling radical App whose sole purpose is to help you and me regain control of the online stories which we call our lives. Or to put it another way: have you ever felt as if your life has become a playful story, mediated through a screen? A clickable, scrollable "cyberdrama" packed with instant rewards? And if so, does this mean that we, as users, are rendered into nothing more than characters or pawns in these controlled realities which swallow us whole? McFly is here to help us change this narrative; to shift the score; to learn how to act as authors, as players, who can influence the outcome of our fates in this increasingly immersive virtual world.

The project was developed in Barcelona, as part of the research residency programme Membrana #2 - an initiative by Hangar.org, in the frame of Imagit and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The McFly project is a collaboration with Adam Etzion - a literature, theoretical physics and coding geek, based in Tel Aviv.

* Gabriel S Moses, 1982, Jerusalem, is a media artist based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. He is also a speculative designer with a millennial complex. In other words: he knows how to lie about why he lied about what ur kids are saying about u behind ur backs on the smartphone u bought them. He teaches at UdK-Berlin where he also acquired his Masters degree, and has showcased his work in Transmediale (Berlin), Lenbachhaus (Munich) and FILE (Sao Paulo) and Print Screen (Tel Aviv) among others. One time HKW-Berlin even gave him a big prize and he was very happy about that.



by Moran Sanderovich

Moran Sanderovich uses her sculpture, performance and video works to embody alternative human forms. She engages the grotesque and uncanny to produce visceral narratives of agency, Her work challenges and confuses normative conceptions of bodily limitation, taking disability, mutation, and decay as starting points for other forms of life.

Many of Moran's sculptures are made to be performed, acting as prosthetics that transform her body through extension or truncation. Her performances render illegible any perceptible distinction between her body and the sculpture, or the human and non-human. Moran uses her movement to elaborate on the inner characters of the objects she makes, conjuring up a parallel universe in which her unreal creatures live their lives and tell us their stories. In their mythological worlds, tales of conflict, survival, transformation and transcendence.

Sanderovich's works each combine a range of materials, including silicone, fabric, industrial waste, toys, organic objects such as bone and hair, latex, and other found objects. The juxtapositions she creates by combining her materials often unhinge the normative perception of objects, confronting us with dissonant images that require our attention. Moran fabricates skin-like surfaces that appear nearly organic and also uses animatronics in many of her works, giving her sculptures a strange presence between natural and mechanical. She is looking for a soul behind the objects she handles, and her work articulates what she finds.

*Moran Sanderovich, born 1980 in Rehovot, Israel, studied at the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem. She currently based in Berlin.

Moran uses sculpture, performance, video and drawing to express the human body and how it is perceived. She creates modern mythological alternative bodies.

Moran presented her works in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (IL) 2007, GL Holtegaard Museum,Cophenhagen, (DK) 2013, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg (DK) 2013, GRIMMWELT museum, Kassel (DE) 2015, (DE) 2016 ,Jewish Museum, Frankfurt (DE) 2016, Sophien-saele, Berlin (DE) 2016, Theater discounter, Berlin (DE) 2017.

Her most recent project is funded by the Federal Government’s Cultural Foundation and the co-financing fund of the Berlin Senate Administration for Culture and Europe.