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  Panorama Colombia 2017 – Colombian Film Festival Berlin
  Film Schedule and TICKETS           Filme           DOCUMENTARIES            FICTION            SHORT FILMS
  We are dedicated to the esthetical richness and thematic diversity that inspires us from Colombian cinematography.

We, the Panorama Colombia Team in partnership with Mobile Kino, along with support from Babylon, will proudly present from the 23th until the 26th of March 2017, the third version of Panorama Colombia, the Colombian Film Festival in Berlin.

In recent years, improvements in security and peace as well as the rise of a clear economic leadership in Colombia, have encouraged significant growth to our cinematographic industry, allowing our country to create its own place in a global market for exhibition, and promote an open discussion about Colombia's cinematography on an influential level. A few examples of Colombian cinematography in Europe include the very well known Colombian Film Festivals in Paris, London and Barcelona. And, now, the newest European city to host Colombia's cinematography: Berlin. The German capital is the next ideal location for our film festival to be hosted, due to Berlin being the heart of a new growing, artistic way of European thinking.

Panorama Colombia puts into perspective an original, selective and attractive programme of films in several different formats, genres and productions, with the freshest content of our cinematography. The exhibition will be structured as follows; one selection of nine feature films, five documentaries films, two short films programs presented by the world tour of the most important Colombian Short Film Festival " Bogoshorts " and a special Video Art and Experimental Film Exhibition produced by Curator Rex in supported by the German association Kunstrial.

Our main objective is to welcome Berliners, and the German public in general, to become aware of the diversity and quality of authentic Colombian films. Showing a whole new panorama of our cinematography. Independent, popular, comedy as well as short films. This is what we have been doing at Panorama Colombia, building up a way to create and promote new public places to help spread and recognize the new Colombian cinematography throughout the world, because our films represents the way to build the peace for all of us.

  Film Schedule

Thu, 23.03.17
20:00 - Opening: X Quinientos (X500)      TICKETS-ONLINE
22:00 – Lamentos (Laments)      TICKETS-ONLINE

Fr, 24.03.17
17:00 – Bogoshorts (Documentary)    TICKETS-ONLINE
17:45 – Bogoshorts (Fiction)   TICKETS-ONLINE
18:45 – Epifania      TICKETS-ONLINE
20:00 - La Mujer del Animal (The Animal’s Wife)      TICKETS-ONLINE
20:30 – Perros (Dogs)   TICKETS-ONLINE
22:15 – Busca por dentro   TICKETS-ONLINE
22:15 – Buscando el Animal (Searching for the Animal’s Wife)     TICKETS-ONLINE

Sa, 25.03.17
14:30 – Destinos (Destiny)         TICKETS-ONLINE
16:15 – Home           TICKETS-ONLINE
18:00 - Los Nadie (The Nobodies)         TICKETS-ONLINE
18:00 – Siembra       TICKETS-ONLINE
20:00 – X Quinientos (X500)       TICKETS-ONLINE
20:00 – Epifania      TICKETS-ONLI25th of marNE
20:30 – EL Silencio de los Fusiles (When Guns go Silent) + Directors Q&A      TICKETS-ONLINE
21:30 – Aislados (Isolated)       TICKETS-ONLINE
22:00 – Manana a esta hora (This time tomorrow)     TICKETS-ONLINE

Sun, 26.03.17
14:00 – Bogoshorts (Documentary)      TICKETS-ONLINE
14:00 – Bogoshorts (Fiction)       TICKETS-ONLINE
15:45 – Manana a esta hora (This time tomorrow)      TICKETS-ONLINE
17:30 – Los Nadie (The Nobodies)     TICKETS-ONLINE
18:00 – X Quinientos (X500)      TICKETS-ONLINE
19:30 – EL Silencio de los Fusiles (When Guns go Silent)      TICKETS-ONLINE
20:00 – Perros (Dogs)    TICKETS-ONLINE
21:30 – La Mujer del Animal (The Animal’s Wife)       TICKETS-ONLINE
21:45 – Siembra        TICKETS-ONLINE

X Quinientos / X500
R: Juan Andres Arango, Canada, Colombia, Mexico 2016, OmenglU, 108 Min

After the death of her mother, Maria arrives in Montreal from the Philippines to live with her grandmother. She cannot relate to her new life and to her grandmother’s dream. She finds herself alienated and isolated, both at home and at school until she befriends a Filipino cholo gang. Searching for meaning, she transforms into a chola, a Latina gangsta, hoping to find a sense of purpose in a world where she doesn’t belong. Alex, a 19-year-old Colombian, has returned to Buenaventura after being deported from the US. He carries with him the secret of his brother’s death. The young man’s return catches the interest of a local gang. Alex tries to restart his life as a fisherman and support his family, but his return catches the interest of a local gang. To survive and to protect his youngest brother, Alex decides to join them. David, a 16-year-old Mazahua native, leaves his indigenous village for Mexico City after his father’s death. He finds a job on a construction site and starts befriending a punk community that will help him find his true identity. This second feature by Juan Andrés Arango (La Playa DC) follows these three teenagers living in different areas of the Americas yet going through the same experience of grief, migration and transformation.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ddY2YQPWUo
  Los Nadie / The Nobodies
R: Juan Sebastián Mesa, Colombia 2016, OmenglU, 84 Min

Camilo, Mechas, Manu, Ana and Pipa are five friends going through that blended trance of intense unrest, sense of astonishment, contained tenderness and manifest rage typical of the end of adolescence. They survive at the edge, both physical and symbolic, of a city, Medellin, that attracts and excludes them, that lures them with promises but rejects them with hostility, but which they embrace by transforming the dominant logics of fear that come from above, from the powers that be and from their parents. Music, street art and friendship are their weapons of resistance, and fuel their hope for a journey, a rite of passage that will convert them into someone else.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/8rpE0N3h7_A
  Perros / Dogs
R: Harold Trompetero Saray, Colombia / Argentina 2016, OmenglU, 72 Min

Misael (John Leguizamo) is a peasant who’s been incarcerated for a crime of passion. During his confinement, he is found guilty and therefore forgotten by his loved ones. Throughout his sentence he is abused and humiliated by guards and other prisoners. Alone and abandoned, Misael finds affection and tenderness in Sarna, a prison dog.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/IxVlvwnU7hk
  La Mujer del Animal / Animal´s Wife
R: Víctor Gaviria, Colombia 2016, OmenglU ,116 min

Eighteen-year-old Amparo is caught playing a prank on the nuns at the convent where she lives, and they threaten to call her father. Rather than face his rage, she goes to live with her sister in a shantytown on the outskirts of Medellin. The young woman is unprepared when Libardo — known to everyone as "The Animal" — becomes obsessed with her, kidnaps her, and forces her into marriage. The community knows that she is being kept against her will, but so afraid are they of The Animal that they turn a blind eye.
Trailer: https://youtu.be/cPJ6KlUraIs
  Lamentos / Laments
R: Julián Casanova, Colombia 2016, OmengU, 73 Min

It tells the story of a beautiful woman who commits suicide by being planted on her wedding day. The tormented soul of the dead bride returns from the afterlife to claim revenge. It is a psychological thriller with a ghostly atmosphere based on the urban legend of the weeping woman, where redemption, second chances and the triumph of love over death are the thread of a supernatural love story.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/AMkHg4eLvXw
R: Anna Eborn & Oscar Ruiz Navia, Colombia /Sweden/ Denmark 2016, OmenglU, 71 Min
In Sweden, a teenage girl loses her mother. While dealing with deep grief, the girl dreams her mother comes back. In Colombia, a mother longs for a significant change in the routine of her life. After reaching a certain age, she finds herself alone and somewhat drifting without purpose. She starts looking for spaces to explore her own spirituality: she visits a healing sweat lodge, tries a raw food diet and practices yoga. The Colombian mother looks exactly like the Swedish mother, and the yoga teacher is identical to the Swedish daughter. Now in another part of the world they start a new relationship: the daughter is the teacher and the mother is the student. This unusual situation opens a new understanding of time, as if somehow both mother and daughter had re-incarnated into completely different beings. 
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/184926551
R: Ángela Osorio, Santiago Lozano, Colombia 2015, OmEnglU, 82 min.

Turco is a salt-of-the-earth Afro-Colombian fisherman forced from his coastal home by Colombia’s ongoing civil war. Like so many others, Turco, who has only ever known the life of the sea, must now seek refuge in one of his country’s urban centers. Turco and his teenage son Yosner are transplanted to the city of Cali, where Turco desperately waits for news that he may return to his village while Yosner, a gifted and aggressive street-dancer, takes up with a local gang and is killed when violence erupts with the gang’s rivals. With no way to return to his home, the grieving Turco must bury his boy in Cali—an act that will forever tether him to this unfamiliar place.

Trailer https://vimeo.com/177250051
  Mañana a esta hora / This time Tomorrow
R: Lina Rodriguez, Colombia/Canada 2016, OmenglU, 85 Min

Bright and beautiful, 17-year-old Adelaida (Laura Osma) lives with her parents Lena (Maruia Shelton), an event planner, and Francisco (Francisco Zaldua),a sculptor and art teacher.Together,the trio enjoy a comfortable family life in an apartment in Bogotá,populated by the usual ups and downs. It’s just life as usual.
Soon, the cracks begin to show through the veneer of this picture perfect family. Given that Francisco isn’t as involved in the domestic details at home, most of the housekeeping and parenting duties fall onto the already overworked Lena. While strong and driven, she struggles to fulfill the role of the working mother. At the peak of her teen angst and facing her own identity crisis, Adelaida is constantly at odds with her mother: one minute she is sweet, caring, studious; the next, wildly tempestuous and defiant, staying out late to spend time with friends and flirt with boys.
Until tragedy strikes...
Shaken, the family confronts their biggest struggle yet. Desperate to hold on to the ties that bind them together, they must face the uncertainty that tomorrow brings.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/199421582

  Destinos / Destiny
R: Alexander Giraldo, Colombia 2016, OmenglU, 88 Min

Where is going the lost time ? we made or we follow our destiny ? Five stories intertwine in the pursuit of dreams, the nostalgia of the past and the life that passes before our eyes.

A boxer wants more than a win. A former prisoner needs to get back on track after 30 years. A sweeper who has only one dream. A construction helper dedicated to others. A woman who renounces music because of pain.

These five people will realise that sometimes looking to the future is the only way to recover the past.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12QFuAe4oSg

Home - the Country of Illusion / Home - El país de la ilusión
R: Josephine Landertinger, Colombia Portugal 2016, OV Spanish, 85 Min

Lilia is a 67-year-old Colombian woman who has made Portugal her last home after a life on the move. Josephine, the film’s director, offers her mother the vehicle of the documentary with which to tell the story of her fragmented life. As the camera follows her, Lilia’s melancholy becomes obvious, but so does her strange fortitude, the way she relates to the spaces and environments she inhabits, her unease toward places from the past and her reasons for making certain decisions. The camera mediates this encounter between mother and daughter, which develops into a revealing dialogue with universal overtones between two people undergoing a transition: a mature woman and a young one, the person being filmed and the filmmaker. Tensions emerge as Lilia recalls her life experiences and the family history, raising fundamental questions about freedom, solitude and notions of home and country. HOME illustrates just what is at stake in the most important relationship in any individual’s life—the bond with our own mother.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/152821090
  Aislados / The Divide
R: Marcela Lizcano, Colombia 2016, OV Spanish 73 Min

540 people inhabit an island the size of a city block. Isolated takes us to the most densely populated artificial island in the Colombian Caribbean. There are no police here; no priests, or doctors, or armed conflict; just 97 houses for 18 families, a school, a restaurant-cum- harbor, and a small square with a cross in the center paying tribute to the island’s name: Santa Cruz de Islote (Holy Cross of the Islet). Through a look at life on the island, the islanders’ daily struggles, interactions and fight to remain in their territory, Isolated reflects on man’s role as an inhabitant of a larger universe, making this island a metaphor for our world.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/-q016b-wGck
  El Silencio de los Fusiles / When the Guns go Silent
R: Natalia Orozco, Colombia 2017, OmenglU, 120 Min

Two enemies long at war with one another decide to sit down and talk. They have rejected and been mutually ignorant of one another for over five decades, meaning that the first thing they must find within themselves are the arguments, language and gestures needed to shift from violence to political negotiation. For four years journalist and filmmaker Natalia Orozco followed men and women on the path to becoming aware of the decisive role they were either forced to play or chose willingly. They are the delegations of the Colombian government and insurgent FARC in the Havana peace talks, leaders and political strategists and the key players—some virtual unknowns—in a process fraught with distrust, not only coming from the public but also the negotiators themselves. When the Guns Go Silent is an exceptional documentary that goes beyond the circumstances of the peace process to show, through powerful file footage, the long history of a war whose victim is the whole of Colombian society. It is also a passionate political thriller built on the tensions and suspense of a fragile negotiations process that is threatened from all sides. The director does not give in to the logic that divides the conflicts into good and bad, nor does she succumb to triumphalism or naiveté. Her journalistic rigour is not compromised by any ideology. She looks everyone in the eyes, listens to arguments, concentrates on the essential, uses her own voice to ask questions and reflects on what she sees and feels. By letting her own humanity show through, she reveals that of everyone else.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/192151228
  Busca por Dentro
R: Marino Aguado Varela, César Gálviz Molina, Colombia 2016, OmenglU, 90 Min

A tribute to composer Jairo Varela Martínez Leader of the most famous salsa band of colombia “ El Grupo Nice “, a musical icon who invented a unique sound for Colombian salsa, and later became a world renowned artist. This is a story told by his friends, colleagues and family.
with the special appearance of the Colombian renowned artists “ TOTÓ la Momposína” , “ Hernia de Timbiquí “, “ Superlitio “ und “ Cholo Valderrama “

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLxLoaEczkY
  Buscando al Animal / Searching for the Animal’s Wife
R: Daniela Goggel, Colombia 2016, OmenglU, 70 Min

Searching for the Animal is a path inside the secret lives of people subjected by gender violence in the marginal neighborhoods of Medellin during the past six decades in Colombia, revealed through Victor Gaviria’s process while creating the fictional film The Animal’s Wife.

A narrative journey that intertwines the experience of a filmmaking master who while investigating discovers those who through their testimony inspire the creation of the film, recreated, improvised by people chosen because they shared the authenticity of lived pain. Navigating through the cacophony of narrations to hear a unified denouncing voice.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqdey876JS8

BOGOSHORTS (FICTION) – Short Film Programme
Colombia, 112 Min
  Short Film 1
R: Klych López with Colombia , 2016, 12 Min

After all the time spent together, what is left of a relationship on its way to the end? There will always be that last conversation while cruising the tunnel towards the end.
  Short Film 2
R: Jesús Reyes, Andrés Porras, Colombia 2016, 18 Min

Genaro lives in the countryside at the north coast of Colombia, and he was instructed to deliver, to the mothers and wives of members of the paramilitary, their corpses in wooden boxes with an envelope filled with money. Genaro does not feel the pain of death, he just delivers the boxes and walks away; without sorrow for people. His routine assignment left him without a heart, and he only cares about one thing: to find among the corpses one in particular. He will only rest until he finds it.
  Short Film 3
R: Daniel Ochoa, Colombia 2015, 25 Min

A man leaves his surroundings to go die in the mountains of Los Andes in front of the eyes of two little girls and their cow herd. At the funeral, his friend and his girlfriend reconfigure their relationship while they recall the last moments and spaces they inhabited together.
  Short Film 4
Los pasos del agua / Water Steps
R: César Augusto Acevedo, Colombia 2016, 11 MIn

Two humble fishermen that live in a forgotten homestead near river Cauca discover that a corpse has tangled up in their fishing net. Without giving any notice to the authorities, they decide that the most humane thing to do would be to bury it, reason that leads them to drag the body into the forest.
  Short Film 5
R: Daniel Alberto Sánchez Rodríguez, Colombia 2016, 19 Min

Maicol, Anyi, Jackson, Leidi, David and Rafael are a group of neighborhood friends unhappy with their lives and environment. Together they decide to fix an abandoned car to escape from the neighborhood. This faces them with the beginning of their growing up experiences that will converge in one common aim.
  Short Film 6
La niña de la buseta / The Girl on the Bus
R: Pedro Pío, Colombia 2015, 27 Min

The Girl on the Bus is a film that depicts a few days of the life of a young woman that, in order to survive with her baby, sells sweets in public busses. The rawness of the environment that surrounds her, brings to the surface her most primary instincts. This film is the result of the need of filming real people (not actors) and to combine them with fiction, to take their stories to the screen and to give them a voice.
  BOGOSHORTS (Documentary) – Short Film Programme
Colombia, 81 Min

Short Film 1
La Favorita
R: María Fernanda Ariza Orozco, Colombia 2015, 12 Min

'La Favorita', a popular neighborhood in Bogotá, does not forget that in the big city of concrete, hunger and poverty exist. Because of that, volunteers meets every Thursday to share a cup of hot chocolate and bread with the kids, people with limited resources and street inhabitants.
  Short Film 2
Caminitos por el parque
R: Daniela Anaya Robayo, Colombia 2016, 20 Min

Norma travels to Holland looking for new opportunities. But the absence of her family and especially her mother, makes her wish to return. Two years after, she returns to Colombia for vacations, and later, going back to Holland with the aspiration of moving on with her life. Nevertheless, a few months after her return, Norma receives news that make her to return to Colombia for an indefinite amount of time.
  Short Film 3
Verde Manzana
R: Ana María Ferro Gómez, Colombia 2016, 18 Min

It's a documentary that shows the faces of women in war, in their position of victim and aggressor. And how women when they go out of the war, they must move on and look for hope around them.
  Short Film 4
Categoría V
R: Camilo Agudelo Gómez, Colombia 2015, 19 Min

With destination Buenaventura, Colombia's main commercial port, Hernando faces the road in his tractor-trailer, spending long hours driving, carrying containers of goods for the whole country. The tracks are witnesses of the fatigue, tiredness, diversity and adrenaline, which merge with his daily and personal life.
  Short Film 5
Piel de Cemento
R: Daniel Gómez Restrepo, Colombia 2015, 13 Min

7 artists, a city and many liters of paint transform Manizales into a place of artistic expression, where different visions of the world converge around it, being the street art the best way to impact the everyday life.