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  11. bis 14. Mai 2107
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  In seiner 13. Ausgabe zeigt das Pictoplasma Festival im Babylon 70 animierte Kurzfilme, die durch die Gestaltung ihrer Figuren herausragen.

Vom 11. bis 14. Mai läuft jeweils ein neues Programm in Spielfilmlänge um 20 Uhr im großen Saal und zusätzlich der Psychedelic Midnight Mix am Freitag, 12. Mai um 22 Uhr.

Tagsüber findet ebenfalls im Babylon die Konferenz mit 700 internationalen Fachbesuchern aus den Bereichen Animationsfilm, Illustration, Kunst und Produkt Design statt. Der Fokus liegt dieses Jahr auf Künstlern und Designern, die im Bereich von Videospiel, Animationsfilm, Virtual und Augmented Reality arbeiten und mit ihrer figürlichen Gestaltung an die Grenzen ihrer Genres gehen.

Parallel zeigen 16 Ausstellungen Arbeiten der diesjährigen Redner und Rednerinnen, zum Großteil erstmals in Berlin.

Weitere Informationen auf http://berlin.pictoplasma.com

Donnerstag, 11. Mai, 20 Uhr
A Character’s Journey'
virtuelle Figuren gehen auf Reisen in Kurzfilmen von Uri Lotan, Yoav Shtibelman, Nicolas Fong, Parallel Teeth, Eran Hilleli, Luke Saunders, Abraham Dieckman, Mate Steinforth, Rodrigo Diaz, Maxime Dupuy, Arthur Bourdot, Mathieu Paggi, Luc Giraud, Karni & Saul, Benjy Brooke, Bjorn-Erik Aschim, Max Taylor, Nathan Jurevicius, Sarina Nihei, Nicolas Menard, Axel Digoix, und Eoin Duffy, digital, 80 Min.
  Freitag, 12. Mai, 20 Uhr
'Character-Care for Troubled Creatures'
Auch unsere virtuellen Zeitgenossen brauchten Trost, deutlich in Kurzfilmen von Kirsten Lepore, Sophie Koko Gate, Vera Babida, Will Anderson, Luiz Stockler, FLP Studio, Igor Bastidas, Patrick Doyon, Daniella Shuhmann, Victoria Vincent, Peter Millard, Jennifer Zheng, Marion Bordeyne, Bastien Boutte, Romain Chalvidan, Margaux Faure, Benjamin Jean, Quentin Schall, 4inaroom, Sean Buckelew, und Alberto Vazquez, digital, 80 Min

  Freitag, 12. Mai, 22 Uhr
'Psychedelic Midnight Mix'
Diese Filme entfalten schnell halluzinogene Wirkung, ganz ohne chemische Hilfsmittel. Verantwortlich sind Balázs Simon, Gerhard Human, Ruffmercy, Alan Resnick, Mattis Dover, Greg Sharp, Rodrigo Miguel aka Numecaniq, Matt Reynolds, Celeste Potter, Amanda Bonaiuto, Lora D’Addazio, Roberto Biadi, Kris Merc & Benjy Brooke, Zachary Zezima, Andy Baker, Julian Glander, Elenor Kopka, Hideki Inaba, Patrick Buhr und Robin Keast, digital, 80 Min
  Samstag, 13. Mai, 20 Uhr
'In Awe of Creation'
Frei erfundene Figuren bewohnen komplexe Welten, in Filmen von Moritz Reichartz, Ged Sia, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Su Sheng Yang, Fokke Mars, Bas Jansen, Max van der Ree, Måns Swanberg, Burcu & Geoffrey, Rune Spaans, Jack Sachs, Jesse DeNobrega, Alexander Grigg, Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, Julian Frost, Sean Charmatz, Felix Colgrave und David OReilly, digital, 80 Min
  SO 14.05.
20:00 Best of Pictoplasma 2017, 15 Highlights aus den diesjährigem Programm kommen von Mate Steinforth, Kirsten Lepore, Sean Buckelew, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Rune Spaans, Måns Swanberg, Alan Resnick, Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, Nicolas Menard, Axel Digoix, Eoin Duffy, FLP Studio, Uri Lotan, Yoav Shtibelman, Alberto Vazquez, Moritz Reichartz und David OReilly, digital, 84 Min
Die zentrale Konferenz findet tagsüber im Babylon am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz statt. Sie bietet den Künstlern und Designern eine Bühne, um über ihren kreativen Prozess und ihre visuelle Inspiration zu sprechen. Nicht nur in ihrem thematischen Fokus ist die Veranstaltung weltweit einmalig. Sie ist auch der wichtigste Treffpunkt für über 700 internationale Teilnehmer aus den Bereichen Animationsfilm, Illustration, VR und interaktive Medien, Produkt und Toy Design, Kunst und Urban Arts. Konferenzsprache ist Englisch.

Weitere Informationen auf http://conference.pictoplasma.com
  DO 11.05.

Mate Steinforth (DE)

Mate Steinforth is a designer and director based in Berlin. His early professional work was focused on animation and VJ performances. After working as an art director at the Juan Dela Mata design studio in Madrid he moved to New York in 2006 to work for the PSYOP production company. In 2009, Mate moved back to Germany to join the motion design and animation label Sehsucht Berlin as creative director. Since 2011 Mate Steinforth has been appointed as a member of the Art Directors Club Germany.

Louise Rosenkrands (DK)

Miss Lotion aka Louise Rosenkrands is an illustrator from Denmark whose bright and playful, analog and digital illustrations all have one thing in common: sassy women. Her editorial commissions for various Danish magazines, US and UK titles are populated by a multitude of female characters all with their lady lumps protruding proudly.

Jack Sachs (UK)

Jack Sachs is a freelance animator and designer living and working between London and Berlin. He studied illustration at Camberwell College of Arts but while recovering from an injury to his drawing hand he started making 3D work on the computer. Meanwhile those two practices have fused to become the work Jack makes today: jumbled up faces, bright colors, and lumpy shapes, inspired by the pioneers of early CGI. His humor and the apparent simplicity of his characters have won him a huge internet fanbase and an impressive client list that includes MTV, National Geographic, BBC, New York Times, ZEIT Magazin, Nickelodeon, Lazy Oaf, Converse - and recently a place on the team of directors at London’s Blink Ink.

Nathalie Choux (FR)

After studying applied arts in Paris, Nathalie Choux spent a year at the National Puppet School in Prague before returning home to study illustration at the Arts Décoratifs of Paris. Books soon became her medium of choice to convey her tenderly witty, offbeat, and poetic universe. Today she is a renowned children’s book illustrator with 50 publications under her belt that have been translated into numerous languages. These include ‘La jeune fille au visage de pierre,’ ‘les Trop Super’ (forthcoming as ’The Super-Duper Duo),’ and ‘Le Raboultaf.’ Nathalie also works for editorials and advertising and is represented by la superette. She is also a designer for the Djeco toy company and has extended her reach into ceramics to breathe life into her characters.

Samuel Boucher (CA)

Samuel Boucher is an artist from Montreal and a big Moomin fan, who creates soft-edged, high-saturation worlds awash with mysterious characters. His main interest is in juxtaposing art, characters and interactivity through games. He is part of KO_OP, an experimental games and interactive art studio founded in 2012. With Samuel as head of design and art, KO_OP are currently working on a commercial game published by Sony and DoubleFine called ‘GNOG.’ IGF finalist for Best Visuals, ‘GNOG’ is a strange puzzle exploration game about interacting with various heads and their detailed interiors.

Saschka Unseld (DE/USA)

Saschka Unseld is a German-born director and writer who co-founded the Academy Award–nominated Studio Soi, where he directed and produced numerous shorts and commercials before joining Pixar Animation Studios in 2008. During his six years at Pixar, he worked on ‘Toy Story 3,’ ‘Cars 2,’ and ‘Brave’ and wrote and directed the short film ‘The Blue Umbrella.’ In 2014, Saschka became creative director at Passion Pictures for commercials and co-founded Oculus Story Studio, where he now helps explore the future of VR storytelling. He is currently finishing up his latest Story Studio VR Experience ‘Dear Angelica’ and his independent VR Dance piece ‘Through You.’

FR 12.05.

Pikuniku (FR/UK)

Pikuniku is an absurdist puzzle exploration game currently being created by Rémi Forcadell and Arnaud De Boc. Rémi is an artist and coder based in Paris with a passion for procedural animation and narration in video games. He is always trying to find new ways to tell a story. Arnaud is a game designer currently based in London, exploring the potential of video games in terms of gameplay mechanics, politics, and narration. For the duo indie games are the perfect pop cultural medium, capable of reaching large audiences while creating fun but meaningful experiences. This is certainly the case in Pikuniku where players have to rebuild a community by helping the ‘worry people’ confront their fears: You can’t do much, alone.

Hasbro (USA/UK)

Hasbro is a global play and entertainment company committed to creating the world's best play experiences. From toys and games to television, movies, digital gaming, and consumer products, Hasbro offers a huge variety of ways for audiences to experience its iconic brands.

Georgina Melone is VP of Hasbro Invention Lab, a design group tasked with inventing new experiences for the future of play. Her quest to create has enabled her to play in many lands with many innovative ideas and interesting playmates. As a child, Georgina was never discouraged from playing with music, food, dirt or whatever objects came her way. Since she couldn’t stop playing, she went to Rhode Island School of Design and became a puppeteer, then a toy designer. Georgina is now an industry veteran who has invented and developed play experiences for all of Hasbro’s divisions and demographics.

Originally from Hong Kong, James Yuen came to England to pursue his passion for art and design in the 1980s. He is now a principal designer at the Hasbro Invention Lab, and a powering force of in-house innovation and creative culture. For the past 20 years James has worked on a spectrum of concept creations and design projects in Hasbro's toys and games segments. James is also an avid action figure collector, and as well as cultivating his personal work, has initiated a number of collaborative art projects, featured in exhibitions in the UK and the US.

Eran Hilleli (ISR)

Eran Hilleli is an animation director currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Fascinated by simple shapes and fantastical worlds, Eran likes work that allows plenty of room for interpretation. A graduate from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, his work opens the door to faraway lands and mysterious characters inspired by folk tales, Japanese animation from the 80s, and early video game aesthetics. Eran is currently a director at Hornet, the NYC based animation production company, where he continues to showcase his talent for beautifully styled animation and cinematic flair. His works have been screened in festivals around the world and received numerous awards.

Chris Haughton (IRL)

Chris Haughton is an Irish illustrator and author living in London. His work for the fair trade clothing company People Tree earned him a place on Time magazine’s ‘DESIGN 100’ listing. He has written and illustrated four books 'A Bit Lost,’ 'Oh No George!,’ ‘SHH! We have a plan,’ and 'Goodnight Everyone.’ Translated into 22 languages, they have won numerous international awards. His app, 'Hat Monkey' came out in 2014. Chris has also created a non profit, madebynode.com, to connect design and fair trade.

Sophie Koko Gate (UK)

Sophie Koko Gate is an animation director living and working between London and Berlin. She graduated from the RCA with her award winning short, ‘Half Wet,’ and has since continued making freaky stuff for clients all around the globe. Highlights include MTV, Airbnb, Lena Dunham, Vox, and the Guardian. She is currently working on her new short to be released soon.

Peter Millard (UK)

Peter Millard is an independent animation filmmaker from the Malvern Hills in England, now based in London. While studying at both the Film School of Wales Newport (2010) and the Royal College of Art (2012) he created several animated shorts that went on to be screened at some of the world’s most prestigious animation and experimental film festivals. Since graduating he has managed to retain the DIY nature of his work by self-funding himself with part-time jobs. His trademark surreal and absurdist style has been celebrated in several solo screenings that also toured Japan as part of the CALF all-night screenings.

Rob Flowers (UK)

Rob Flowers is an illustrator whose bold, distinctive style is defined by a bubblegum palette, eccentric characters, and grotesque humor. Stationed in his ‘Flowers Towers’ studio, Rob is a keen collector of kitsch—from 70s cartoons and 80s gross-out toys to early McDonald’s advertising memorabilia. His work also draws on his fondness for mythology, combining whimsical imagery with symbolism and elements of folklore. His clients include the British Museum, Anorak magazine, the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic, BBC, Nike, Children in Need, DC Shoes, Google, Kraft, the Museum of Childhood, and MTV. Rob is represented by Blink Art, London.

Ton Mak (CHN)

Flabjacks are a series of cheerful, chubby creatures in an imaginary wonderland created by Shanghai-based visual artist Ton Mak. They have moles on their faces, fat lips, and deliciously curvaceous bodies. In her work Ton Mak covers an extensive spectrum including illustration, creative concepts, product design, and installation art. To date, she has collaborated with global brands such as Gucci, Lululemon, Vans, Nike, as well as real estate companies across Asia.

Pooya Abbasian (IRN/FR)

Pooya Abbasian is a Paris-based artist and director born in Iran. Originally focusing on visual arts, his work was exhibited in various galleries and festivals in Tehran and around the world, casting an ironic eye on the patterns of self-exoticism among artists from the Middle East. Today, he embraces a wide range of media and practices. As a director and film editor, he collaborated closely with director Jafar Panahi, directed videos for La Cinémathèque française, La Fondation Louis Vuitton, Le Centre Pompidou, and bands like Birdpen and Abby. He recently published two children books, as author and illustrator: ‘Un arbre pour ami’ and ‘Mes amis monstres.’


DXTR is an artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. He shifts his bold, vibrant style back and forth between wall and print, pumping fresh design work into the world through all available channels. Featuring jewel-eyed tigers, sneaker dudes in sunglasses, and candy-colored astro skulls, DXTR’s work is wild yet wickedly clean. He has worked with clients such as Amnesty International, Art Directors Club, Nike, Wired magazine and Patagonia and exhibited worldwide from Detroit to Shanghai. In September 2011 he founded the art collective THE WEIRD together with his friends, a group of ten urban artists spread across Europe and focussing on large scale muralism.

Sean Charmatz (USA)

Sean Charmatz has worked in the animation industry since 2005. He has most notably served as a writer and director on ‘Spongebob Squarepants,’ in addition to designing, storyboarding, and developing shows for Disney and Dreamworks. In his spare time, Charmatz produces what he calls ‘explorations’ for his social media accounts. These experimental images and animations combine his talent for design and storytelling with found objects observed in everyday life—and have proven to be highly viral!

Kirsten Lepore (USA)

Kirsten Lepore is a LA-based director and animator, and alumna of CalArts. Her stop-motion episode of 'Adventure Time' won a 2016 Emmy, and her other films have taken top prizes at SXSW, Slamdance, and many other international festivals. Her client list includes Google, MTV, Cartoon Network, Facebook, Nickelodeon, Yo Gabba Gabba, Whole Foods, Toyota, and Nestle. Kirsten has given presentations everywhere from Pixar to Portugal. She has featured in Juxtapoz, Shots and is listed among Creativity magazine’s 50 most creative people.