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  Sa, 23.; 30.6. 14:00;  7. and 14.7.2018 jeweils 14:00
  Pictures at an Exhibition # 6: Renoir
  Revered and Reviled, in Cooperation with “EOS”, live begleitet durch Anna Vavilkina an der Orgel, 60 Min, No Dialogue!


  Pictures at an Exhibition will project paintings by famous painters on the gold-framed Silent Screen of Babylon. In addition, in old Mussorgsky style Anna Vavilkina will play the appropriate soundtrack.

You have never seen the pictures from the leading museums in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Florence and New York like that!

The whole and the details, the handwriting of the artist as in a flow of development of the creative idea in the golden frame of the silent film screen, accompanied live by a unique, because improvised concert at the Babylon Organ.

From the cinema chair you can walk without crowds and snake through the museums of the world, eating popcorn or sipping on a glas of wine!

  Barbara Löblein
  Fon: +49 30 278 919 19