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Fr, 13. Januar 2017  20:00




Eintrittspreis 9.00 Euro | 6.00 Euro (ermäßigt)    TRAILER      ENGLISH

R: Salome Machaidze, Tamuna Karumidze, David Meskhi, 80 min, OmU

Berlin Premiere - In Anwesenheit der Filmemacher!

Nach Teilnahme an über 30 internationalen Film Festivals weltweit, wurde der Film unter anderem mit IDFA 2015 Award for Best First Appearance bei IDFA Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival und mit Silver Prometheus für den Besten Georgischen Dokumentarfilm bei Tbilisi International Film Festival 2015 ausgezeichnet. Die erste öffentliche Vorführung des Films in Berlin findet in Anwesenheit der Filmemachern statt.

Wenn sich der weite Himmel über Tiflis öffnet, vermischt sich das Flirren von Insekten mit dem Rauschen von auf Asphalt entlanggleitendem Hartgummi. SkateboarderInnen. Die Jugendlichen vereint ihre Faszination für den Sport ebenso wie ihre Träume von einer besseren Zukunft. Fernab von Mainstream, konservativen Strukturen und Schule begleiten die RegisseurInnen von WHEN THE EARTH SEEMS TO BE LIGHT junge MusikerInnen, KünstlerInnen und SkateboarderInnen, die versuchen ihren Platz im post-sowjetischen Georgien zu finden. Im Fokus stehen ihre Vorstellungen von Frieden, Erwartungen an sich selbst, andere und das Kommende, genauso wie die Klassiker: Glück und Liebe, aber auch die Frage, ob sie nicht vor der Realität fliehen. Bereits beim Zuschauen scheint der Moment der Leichtigkeit bei einem „Ollie“ spürbar. Doch nicht nur auf dem Skateboard drängt sich gleichzeitig die Frage auf: „What about when you fall and it’s painful?“ – „It’s whatever. It doesn’t really matter. “ Mit ihrem Dokumentarfilm erschaffen die FilmemacherInnen ein ästhetisch und musikalisch packendes Werk, das uns eine alternative Sichtweise auf Jugendliche in Tiflis eröffnet – eine Suche nach dem individuellen Ausdruck zwischen verfallenden sozialistischen Bauten, Geschwindigkeitsrausch und Stillstand. (Text © GoEast Film Festival)


(ENGLISH) a documentary by Salome Machaidze | Tamuna Karumidze | David Meskhi

Georgia/Germany 2015, Georgian with English Subtitles, 80 Min

A poetic documentary about modern youth... the stories of kids, skaters, artists and musicians in a post
soviet Georgia - a country in a distracted condition, where one can be crashed by the power of church and
politics. A close look at the rich world of teenager dreams and sentiments, being lost searching for non
existing spots of freedom and romantic state of mind.

This is a story of kids, skaters and musicians, being lost in a controversial reality of a post soviet Country - a
country in a distracted condition, where one can be crashed by the power of church and politics. They are
searching for non-existing spots of their freedom and romantic state of mind in an adult world, that has not
much to offer. They try to find their own values and their own ways to express their protest through
transforming the established into their playground. They cover the voice of violence and aggression around
them through their own voices. Do they succeed in their attempt to brake free? This documentary is a
response to the society, an attempt to make a contemporary tale and bring back a little bit of magic to our
modern civilization.

  Director’s Note – Salome Machaidze

I left Georgia 20 years ago. Always when re-visiting my home country, I had this crazy feeling that there
was no movement and no actual world time there. This feeling always frightened me and yet it was kind of
relaxing. Things in Georgia have always the double and dialectic meaning. You are sad and happy, peaceful
and violent, angry and kind at the same time... Eastern and western influences clash there on each other
and my country doesn’t know which way to go - so do the people, so does the culture. This conflict is
palpable everywhere and observable in everyone. So I started to think about a movie...

The main inspiration for my work was the photography of my husband - David Meskhi. He has been
photographing young people in Georgia since many years. He was the only Georgian person I knew, who
was capturing young subcultures, sport and lifestyle of youth in those crazy years, when the Soviet 90ies
were slowly moving into a new millennium... It was time when influenced by the new propaganda we started
to watch MTV and US movies...

David’s pictures kept me busy. I questioned what was so magical about them? What made them so different
from all the other images of Skaters I have known, seen and loved from the western world? The answer was
– “the paradox"... It was the paradox and also the conflict between the condition of those young people
portrayed and the place where they were photographed. Exactly that became a staring and also central
point of our documentary film...
Salome Machaidze

  Director’s Note – Tamuna Karumidze
"When the Earth Seems to Be Light" is a poetic documentary telling the story of youngsters in a tough
environment of a post soviet Georgia. A country in ruins, although on the surface it makes an appearance of
a developing one. We are focusing on feelings and point out the controversy of the young generation with
the society they live in. Our protagonist deal with the daily routine and maybe at the first site there is
nothing to escape from. They try to modify the reality so that it would be possible to exist in it. The
protagonists are 16 to 18 years old boys, a group of skaters and an 18 years old boy Maxime, who is already
an acknowledged musician and has a quite established opinion about the world around him.
While addressing the young generation, we attempt to make a contemporary tale and give back a bit of
magic to our modern society. Society that is mostly occupied with politics, wars and business and has no
space left for romantic dreamers like our protagonists. Their thoughts might be naive and the ways of
rejecting the reality very simple, but this is their peaceful way of escaping aggression, surrounding them on
the streets, intruding in to their homes through TV channels.
Tamuna Karumidze
  Director’s Note – David Meskhi
I was working as a photographer for past 8 years with different group of youngsters. Gravity and philosophy
of coming of age was always part of my photographs. For the moment of creation of documentary I already
knew that there are some sensitive questions and valuable aspects of youth that need to be told differently
in a specific, powerful cinematic language and not as a set of photographs which both adult and youth
worlds can accept and enjoy. So now we have bigger picture.
You may be not interested in Georgia as a country, in skateboarding or in hip-hop as a culture in general,
but what you cannot ignore is youth, value of next generation that is completely lost. Adult world is failing as
meaning of the words such as homeland, religion, love, justice and education. What seems cool is fragile,
they are not sure they don’t know. In our documentary there is lot’s of noise, streets are loud, you can hear
sirens all around, skaters wheels are on fire and speed of life is extreme but it’s going nowhere they are stack
in the same place.
David Meskhi
  Executive-Producer’s Note – Zaza Rusadze
Skateboarding in our home country Georgia, in contrary to the western world, is still a part of an
underground, rather than of a mainstream culture.
In 2012 we started our arduous journey through the initial funding of the project. The vision of the
Director-Trio of Salome Machaidze, Tamuna Karumidze and David Meskhi was to turn skateboarding into a
cinematographic metaphor. Our film aimed showing the spirit of the modern young adolescents portraying
their quest for freedom with the dramatic labyrinth of Georgian reality in the background.
World Premiering at IDFA 2015 is a great closure after 3 years of the passionate work with all its ups and
downs. Having Taskovski Films on our side strengthens our faith that WHEN THE EARTH SEEMS TO BE
LIGHT truly has its universal, yet very individual charm and will surely appeal to the international audience

Zaza Rusadze, Zazarfilm